Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thinking About April Book Challenge Day 23!

23. Book You Could Not Put Down

Hi everyone! Yay! It's the weekend :D. I have a lot of homework to do but I'm just glad to be home. I think I may be going out for ice cream later today, so that's exciting!
For today's prompt my answer is going to have to be Andi Carter and the Trouble With Treasure! It is definitely may favorite circle C Ranch book. Which one is your favorite?

Andrea Carter and the Trouble with Treasure (Circle C Adventures #2)

I'm sure you all have read it, but I thought I might as well add a summary just in case :).

"When innocent horseplay temporarily lands Andi and her friends in jail, they decide that a trip into the mountains will leave their troubles far behind. Accompanied by big brother Mitch and armed with a map showing old gold diggings, they canit wait to strike it rich. What could be better than two weeks of camping and horseback riding?

But instead of gold they find heaps of trouble -- trouble that leaves Mitch gravely wounded. Andi needs help fast. But who can she trust? And what good is a bag of gold when her beloved brother lies near death in the middle of nowhere?"

I love Andrea Carter Books! Circle C Milestone books are amazing too :)!
Have a great weekend! See you all tomorrow!

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  1. This book challenge is a really fun idea. :) I've been enjoying it! :)
    Oh, I really like "Andrea Carter and the Trouble with Treasure"! :) It is so good. I also really like "Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision". Well, I really like all of the Circle C books, but those are probably my favorites. ;)