Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thinking About... Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Here are a few Thanksgiving phone wallpapers for you all!
I took this picture yesterday :)

This turkey wallpaper I found on Pinterest!

Have a great holiday everybody! Write in the comments what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Thinking About... Disneyland!

Hi everyone! I just got back from Disneyland!!! It was my first time there, and I had so much fun! The weather was really nice, except for a few colder days. We had a grocery store deliver food to our hotel room to save some money, because everything is so expensive! We brought a hot water boiler and had quick oats for breakfast. Then made up PB&Js for lunch along with some trail mix. It worked out really well! We ate dinner mostly at the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. I loved their food! My favorite sandwich was the Holiday Turkey, which had turkey, mayonnaise, stuffing, gravy, and cranberries on it. Their bread is also really good!

This is my Holiday Sandwich :)

"Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy."
This sign is at the entrance of Disneyland :)

This sign is at the train station.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

There are many character statues in front of the castle. I thought they were so cute :).
This is the adorable Dumbo :).

Here is the other side of the castle. Notice the rectangular topiary on the left, so beautiful!

Storybrook is an amazing ride that takes you past miniature castles and villages from Disney, like Arendelle from Frozen. It was amazing how much detail was put into each display.

WANTED Flynn Ryder :) I loved this poster, so cool!

I bought a Stitch stuffed animal! He is so cute :). His arms are made out of a snap bracelet so he can hold on to anything: wrist, backpack strap etc..!

There are so many tall and beautiful palm trees in California! It was amazing to see them in person!

This is the Jungle Cruise ride. Our boat stopped in the middle of the ride. At first everyone thought it was part of the ride, but then we sat there for awhile and realized that it was stopped for good. Another boat came and towed us the rest of the way. It was quite an adventure!

Here are Chip and Dale and Mickey passing by!

The other side of the castle. The banners are for Disneyland's 60th year Diamond Celebration!

These cups reminded me of a picture on Sydney's post!
I thought of her when I saw them :).

This is Tarzan's Jungle Treehouse. It was so fun to explore! I really like looking through the treehouse, it was so realistic!

This is New Orleans square. It was so beautiful and it felt like the real city except clean and safe :)

This is the famous Dole Whip! It is so amazing! Be sure to get a Dole Whip if you ever go to Disneyland. I had one almost every day, they are so good!

Here is another part of the park, the buildings' architecture is so beautiful!

Mickey's Toontown.

Here is inside Mickey's Toontown.

We saw Storm Troopers in Tomorrowland, so cool :). You can see the ride Star Tours in the background. It was such a great ride, the 3D glasses made it feel like you were actually in Star Wars.

Here is California Adventures, right across from Disneyland. California Adventures was open to the public in 2001 and has many different rides and places to visit.

This is Radiator Springs from the movie Cars. This was one of my favorite places to visit!
I like how it was identical to the Radiator Springs in the movie. It was so realistic!

Lightning McQueen!

The Cozy Cone Motel

Here is another part of Radiator Springs. They sell food in the yellow traffic cones.
It was so fun to look around Radiator Springs, everything was creatively built
to look just like the movie!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Comment below if you have ever been to Disneyland, or what you found interesting about my post!

Have a great day everyone!

"Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever." -Walt Disney