Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thinking About... Finally Back!

Hi everyone! It has been forever since I have been on Blogger. I have been so busy and just haven't gotten a change to write a post or read any posts. School has been insane. I have finals soon and a lot of papers to write, so I can wait for Christmas break!
My summer's was great! I got to go camping, boating, and biking...

Our fire when we went camping :)

I also won some stickers from a giveaway by @pnwonderland on Instagram!

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow! My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes and gravy with stuffing and cranberry sauce. I like homemade mashed potatoes, but everything else, (gravy, stuffing, and cranberries) I like store bought, which isn't like me! What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving?

I'm also super excited for Christmas!! It is my absolute favorite holiday! I can't wait for the Christmas music, holiday decorations, and Christmas lights.

I made a Christmas themed computer wallpaper collage this morning. I really love it! It makes my laptop look so Christmassy! I got all of the pictures off of Pinterest. It you want to make one too, all you have to do is download the app "Fresh Paint" on the Windows store. You can then import pictures from your picture's library and make your own collage!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!