Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thinking About... Open Spaces

So today I was interested in colorful furniture, and there were a few I liked on the internet ☺.
     The first three photos have brightly colored furniture pieces in them, and the rest of the photos I thought were pretty for some reason or another ☺

    So here we go...!

The blue chairs and table are crisp and bright ☺.

All the different colors of chairs make it look artistic☺.
I love the openness of this room and how light it is. Minus the black chandelier which is not my favorite☺.
But I do like the tile flooring!
Once again I love the openness of the large windows☺. And I've always had a thing for hanging furniture, (the couch)☺.
The different elements in this room make it look so pretty. The large window, beautiful trees, and brick work add a lot! I'm not so fond of the bedding or black and white rug though.☺
These last three have a nautical theme going on which I like.☺
They are all very light and airy.☺
Large windows are the best!
This picture is very creative and pretty. It's a little too blue for me,
Though, I like how it looks like a ship.☺
Well, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Thinking About... Baby Teacup Pomeranians



                      Today I'm going to post some pictures of baby teacup Pomeranians!!!


                                                  It's little tiny feet! So cute!

This one looks like a baby seal! ☺

                                 "Okay, I got my jacket on, I'm ready for my walk now."

The little ears!

It looks like a cotton ball with eyes and a nose!☺


                                        "Mom there's a squirrel outside, I must chase it!"

It looks like a mini husky! ☺

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thinking About... Jane Austen and more:)

Pride and Prejudice Quotes!-

Mr. Collins: Do not make yourself uneasy, my dear cousin, about your apparel.
Charlotte Lucas: Just put on whatever you brought that's best.

Mr. Collins: Lady Catherine has never been averse to the truly humble.


Mr. Bennet: How happy for you, Mr. Collins, to possess a talent for flattering with such... delicacy.
Elizabeth Bennet: Do these pleasing attentions proceed from the impulse of the moment, or are they the result of previous study?
Mr. Collins: They arise chiefly from what is passing of the time. And though I do sometimes amuse myself with arranging such little elegant compliments, I always wish to give them as unstudied an air as possible.
Elizabeth Bennet: Oh, believe me, no one would suspect your manners to be rehearsed.

I Love It!

Best Jane Austen Movies:

                      If you haven't seen it, you need to! It's the best!

                                                    Great Movie!

                                                   Still, very good!

                                       Austenland Poster.jpg
 This was a super funny movie! You would have to be a fan of Jane Austen to get some of the references! It is rated PG-13 though, just as a warning:)

  Other Great Movies:

We watch this all the time!

This is a great movie that guys will even enjoy!

This is the collection we own!

                                             We watched this for months with Netflix and loved it!

                                     We also watched this on Netflix:) Great show!

                                                Jeeves and Wooster is the BEST!
              P.S. you can watch it on youtube!:)
     I am learning a song on the piano that Bertie Wooster played! I will put the video of the song below:)

"47 Ginger Headed Sailors"

Comment if you've seen any of these movies/shows and what are your favorites!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thinking About... Lots of things:)

I'm going to post some random stuff since I haven't posted in a while:) Hope you enjoy!

I want this!!! :)
(from Taylor Swift's "You belong with me")
Cute outfit!
I love these sunglasses! The blue is my favorite!
 These green ones remind me of a pair I lost in a lake while boating:) Lol!
Prettiest place ever! I want to go!:)
Love it!
Teacup Pigs:
"Do I smell ice cream?"
"Yep I'm pretty sure I smell ice cream."
"My mini farm :)!"
Oli Boorman's photo.
Wait up, my brain is loading! Lol!!!
I'll end with this cute picture! Baby Pomeranians!
Hope you have a great week!