Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thinking About... Open Spaces

So today I was interested in colorful furniture, and there were a few I liked on the internet ☺.
     The first three photos have brightly colored furniture pieces in them, and the rest of the photos I thought were pretty for some reason or another ☺

    So here we go...!

The blue chairs and table are crisp and bright ☺.

All the different colors of chairs make it look artistic☺.
I love the openness of this room and how light it is. Minus the black chandelier which is not my favorite☺.
But I do like the tile flooring!
Once again I love the openness of the large windows☺. And I've always had a thing for hanging furniture, (the couch)☺.
The different elements in this room make it look so pretty. The large window, beautiful trees, and brick work add a lot! I'm not so fond of the bedding or black and white rug though.☺
These last three have a nautical theme going on which I like.☺
They are all very light and airy.☺
Large windows are the best!
This picture is very creative and pretty. It's a little too blue for me,
Though, I like how it looks like a ship.☺
Well, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed!

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