Friday, December 25, 2015

Thinking About... The Emoji Book Tag

Hey everyone! I was nominated for the Emoji Book Tag by Sydney over at The Elliot Countenance. Thank you so much Sydney for nominating me! I am so excited to participate in this tag!


-Link to the tag’s creators, and thank the person who tagged you.

-Choose your top five favorite or recently used emojis, explaining in what situations you use them. Then associate each one with a book or character.

-Tag whoever you want!

Here we go...

#1 Grinning Emoji

I use this emoji often, just because it is so happy! I use it when I agree, or am excited, etc...

For this emoji I chose the book, The Giver. It is one of my favorite books (I think I've told you all that before :) lol) and it makes me happy whenever I read it.

2. Firework Emoji

The Firework is my go-to "yay!" emoji. I use it when I am excited to see someone soon, or just excited in general!
This emoji reminds me of D'Artagnan from the Three Musketeers. He is always a surprise and you are never sure what he is going to do next, or quite how you feel about him :).

#3 Smiling Emoji

This emoji is great when you are finishing a conversation or need something nice to use, but not too exciting. I also use this one often because it is nice :).

This emoji reminds me of Charlotte Brontë's character Jane Eyre. Jane has always been pretty level-headed and intelligent. I think this emoji has a sense of intelligence about it :) lol.

#4 Wise Turtle Emoji

I rarely use the turtle emoji, but it is sooo cute! This is good for the random moments of texting :).

The turtle emoji reminds me of Gandalf from The Hobbit. Gandalf is very wise and I think turtles could be wise too since some grow so old :).

#5 Sweet Emoji

I also use this one a lot because it is so sweet. It is all around just a happy emoji that makes you want to smile every time you look at it :).
This emoji reminds me of a book series I used to read as a little kid called The Cobble Street Cousins (By Cynthia Rylant). I loved these books so much, and the smiling emoji pretty much sums it up :).

Hope you all enjoyed my answers!


I wanted to share one more emoji for you all just because...

...this emoji reminds me of Kyle from Studio C. If you have never seen a Kyle video, they are the best :). Kyle is one of my favorite characters on YouTube, so be sure to check out the video below!

Thank you again to Sydney for nominating me!

I'm going to nominate... Anyone who would like to do this tag :)!
If you do decide to participate, I would love to see your answers!
Hope you enjoyed and also had a Merry Christmas!


  1. KYLE!!! He is the BEST!! Haha, did you notice that Mallory said "Kid, why did you bring the chief" instead of "Chief, why did you bring the kid?" :P

    And yes, that emoji is SO Kyle ;) Thanks for sharing this post, Shai! :D

    1. YES!! I am so glad you love Kyle too :)! I just noticed what Mallory said as I was posting the video! So funny :)
      Glad you enjoyed! Have a great day!

  2. This was great! I'm so glad you posted it :) Also, the Kyle thing is hilarious. Hahaha

    1. Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed :)! Kyle is so funny, I'm happy you thought so too! Thanks again for nominating me; I had so much fun! Have a great day!