Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thinking About... Office Spaces!

Hi everyone! This post presents some ideas for your office space.
Hope you enjoy!
Bedroom desk space idea
You will see that most of these pictures have an inspiration board. I think that it is a cute idea!
Smart space: Small room decor ideas for when you’re short on space
I love how simple this space is and its natural light.
Lauren Elizabeth | Apartment Tour: Office Space
This office has gold and silver accents and a fur rug that I think looks really cute!
Great use of wall space, simple and crisp feel
I love the green plant and how crisp this space looks!

Flowers can up workplace productivity in a number of ways! I definitely feel happier when seeing fresh flowers on my desk and I like the way it makes my office more comfortable and pretty!
Flowers always bring color to a space and can brighten your day. The first picture above has implemented some flowers into the design which I think looks pretty. You can buy nice fake flowers too:).
printable 'It's so good to be home' wall art // by spellandtell
Quotes are always fun to find. If you have great handwriting you could make your own, or print them off the computer!

I like the flowers not the vase, Flowers: Rose, Astor Peoines(?) not sure of the light purple flower.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Have a great day!

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