Monday, February 16, 2015

Thinking About... Favorite Books Part 1!

Hi everybody! I want to do a weekly series of posts about my favorite books. I know from experience that I always love to read a good book, and hopefully you do too!
The first book I want to share with you all is:
 Ride the River
By Louis L'Amour

Here is a book synopsis I found on
"In Ride the River Louis L'Amour spins the tale of a young woman who has to protect her family fortune from a murderous thief — and teaches him what it means to be a Sackett....

Sixteen-year-old Echo Sackett had never been far from her Tennessee home — until she made the long trek to Philadelphia to collect an inheritance. Echo could take care of herself as well as any Sackett man, but James White, a sharp city lawyer, figured that cheating the money from the young country girl would be like taking candy from a baby.

If he couldn't hoodwink Echo out of the cash, he'd just steal it from her outright. And if she put up a fight? There were plenty of accidents that could happen to a country girl on her first trip to the big city....

I really enjoyed this adventure novel when I read it, I hope you enjoy it out too! Be sure to check out Part 2 next Monday!

Have a great day!

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