Friday, June 13, 2014

Thinking About... Innovative Desks

I'm in the market for desks at the moment, and ran across these online. I thought they were very interesting and creative! Although probably nothing I could ever get:). There are also two benches that I thought were neat.

This looks so cool! Like in the office of a superhero.

A lamp, window, shelves, bag and hat hook. What else would you need? :)

Han Solo! This would be great for any Star Wars fan (including me)!

Get exercise and write at the same time!

It's like a tent for your desk!

This is such a interesting bench! It would be so cool to have in your backyard next to a pool!

This is neat too! I wonder if it would be comfortable? 

I like this desk! Imagine having this in your room!  

Look at all of those shelves! You could store tons of things!

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